Issue USD Debit Cards from anywhere in Africa

Our Issuing API enables African corporates to instantly issue, create, manage and use USD virtual debit cards. Union54 Issuing does BIN sponsorship, card production, transaction processing and general programme management for you.

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Modern APIs for card issuance, platform play and money movement

What would you like to build?

  • Bank financial

    Building a platform that requires a store of value and movement of funds? Use the API to create & manage wallets. 

  • Credit  card    debit    atm
    Issue debit cards

    Allow users to access plastic or virtual debit cards. Decide if they are open/close loop, one or multiple currencies. 

  • Check   good
    Instant Payments

    Programmatically move money in any direction: P2P, P2B, B2P or just about anyway you can think of. 

Contact Sales for Early Access and explain what you want to build.