Developing Africa's Financial Infrastructure

Correspondent banking with a twist: making Africa a country. 

Read the Whitepaper to see how we are collectively creating a borderless Africa.
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    Union54 is a member led Pan African fintech creating a platform that Africa can call its own. 

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    Up to $50,000 in credits to get you started as you integrate into our vast Pan African API's. 

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Standardising African Payments

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Towards a more connected Africa

Union54 is a member led association of African fintechs pulling together to dismantle borders and make money borderless. 

  • How does it work?

    Union54 has developed a retail banking platform and issues multicurrency debit cards to customers. Cards are issued in countries by Union54 Founding Members. Founding Members are licenced to operate the brand and supported with technical and capital investment from Union54. Founding Members collectively own Union54, with the goal of operating a truly Pan African challenger bank.  

  • Why become Union54?

    We estimate that there are over 4,000 financial service institutions operating in Africa. The market is extremely fragmented and founders are duplicating efforts, albeit in different markets. Union54 is building the financial infrastructure required to realise Africa's potential, and it is doing so with operators in each market. Partnering or becoming Union54 is a long term investment. 

  • Can I become a Founding Member?

    Union54 is desirous of quality Founding Members who can inform the roadmap and strategic areas of focus. At a minimum, Founding Members are expected to have regulatory approvals in their markets, to issue cards, operate an Electronic Money Issuance business, or acquire electronic payments. Founding Members are also expected to cover collateral, calculated against expected volumes. 

  • Does Union54 expect exclusivity?

    No. Union54 does not expect partners to stop working on their already established brands or products. You will operate Union54 alongside your existing brand, giving you an extra source of revenue and product differentiator. 

Standardising African Payments

Superficial borders have held us back for a long time. Africa needs a financial infrastructure it owns, a financial infrastructure which is future looking. 

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    Union54 On-boarding & Launch

    Founding Members will be drawn from each African country.

    Africa is the target market. 54 launches and an IPO is the motto. 

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    Become a Founding Member and help develop Africa's financial infrastructure.