Issue USD virtual & physical debit cards

An API to issue debit cards without needing a bank or a third-party processor. Issue cards to customers, employees, stakeholders or just about anyone. From anywhere in Africa.

Fund in any currency

Issue USD virtual and physical debit cards. Cards can be funded in any currency.

Set the rules

Set card preferences using card controls, such as who and how, as well as daily or monthly spending limits.

Your own brand

Design your cards and packaging to look and feel like your brand. We handle card production.


Issue cards with our developer-first api

Our platform is developer-first, not just developer friendly. We’ve made sure that your team doesn’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating payments functionality.

Our bullet-proof enterprise-grade RESTful API is accommodated by clean and crisp technical documentation making the process of issuing cards straightforward. We’ve created simple to construct JSON calls with clear informative success and error responses to ensure a painless integration. Your developers will thanks you for choosing Union54’s card issuing API.

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What can you build with Union54?

Our APIs allow you to issue programmable virtual or physical debit cards.
How will you use them?

Ledger based

Issue a companion virtual/physical card linked to your customer’s ledger accounts, giving them access to their funds at any POS, ATM, and online payment gateway.


Acquirers settle ’000s of merchants to multiple bank accounts. Reduce settlement turnaround time by issuing cards to your merchants, providing instant access to settlement funds.

Buy Now Pay Later

Give your customers more financial freedom with buy now, pay later. Customers buy now using a virtual/ physical card, and make affordable installment payments over time.

Credit Union

Improve your member experience by moving from analog to digital. Issue cards for ease of disbursements and collections.

Delivery companies

Issue cards to your drivers and have a 360° overview of expenses. Set spending limits for full control over daily, weekly, monthly spending.

Digital banking

Move your legacy banking activities online and accelerate time to market by using our multicurrency ledger and card management platform.

Credit card

Issue cards to credit holders for real-time access to credit funds. Our powerful card management hooks enable you to run your credit program on your rules.

Corporate card

Issue cards to employees for authorized business expenses. Determine who in your organization should spend what money, when and how.

Simple pricing

We provide BIN sponsorship, transaction processing, monitoring, and settlement via one API. There are no set up fees or lengthy contracts, everything is done under a SaaS pricing.

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Monthly fees


Settlement fees


Per virtual card


Processing fees


Chargeback handling


Per physical card

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”It only took us 2 days to go live with Union54. Totally seamless. Most importantly, it’s been exciting working with the team from day 1”

Favour OriCEO of Payday

”Earn up to 1%” in interchange

You use our API to virtual and physical cards to stakeholders. Issued cards are used for qualified transactions that can earn you up to 1% revenue per transaction. Union54 shares the interchange earning with you.

Start issuing cards

Union54 provides an API for any company to issue virtual and physical cards without a bank partner or processor. Our easy-to-integrate API technology is aimed at giving companies access to card-issuing without the hassle of compliance.

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