Issue USD virtual & physical debit cards

An API to issue debit cards without needing a bank or a third party processor. From anywhere in Africa. Issue cards to customers, employees, stakeholders or just about anyone. 

  • Fund in any currency

    Issue USD cards. Fund them in any currency. 

  • Set the rules

    Who should use the cards? Where? How? When? You are in charge. 

  • Your own brand

    Design the cards to look and feel like your brand. 

Union54 - Debit card issuing API for Africa | Product Hunt

What can you build with Union54?

Our APIs allow you to issue programmable virtual or physical debit cards. How will you use them?

  • Ledger based

    Issue a companion debit card to your wallet, enabling your users to participate on the global economy. 

  • Rising


    You settle '000s of merchants to multiple bank accounts. Issue cards to merchants and provide instant settlement. 

  • Trending

    Buy Now Pay Later

    Run your credit business over our single/multiple use debit cards. 

  • Credit Union

    Issue cards to your members, ease disbursements and collections. 

  • Delivery Companies

    Issue cards to your riders/drivers and have 360 overview of expenditure by merchant. 

  • Digital Banking

    Use our multicurrency ledger and card management platform to speed up time to market. 

  • Credit Card

    Our powerful card management hooks enable you to manage the programme on your rules. 

  • Corporate Card

    Who in your organisation should spend what money, when and how? 

Simple Pricing

We provide BIN sponsorship, transaction processing, monitoring, and settlement via one API. There are no set up fees or lengthy contracts, everything is done under a SaaS pricing.

  • $1,500 Monthly Fees
  • $30 Settlement Fees
  • $0.40 Per virtual card
  • $0.35 Processing Fee
  • $20 / Chargeback Handling
  • $7 Per physical card

Earn up to 1% in interchange

You use our API to issue debit cards to your stakeholders. Those cards get used for qualified transactions that earn you 1% per transaction. Union54 shares the interchange with you. 

Start issuing cards

Union54 provides an API for any company to issue debit cards to their customers without needing a bank partner or a processor.